I can speak to your group about:

epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression, panic attacks, anxiety syndrome,  trust, love, acceptance, coping

for a negotiable fee: contact at 715 463 3479 (not a cell), Mister Miller does not nor has he ever driven a car, so transportation, and if necessary lodging and meals would have to be provided. Video footage of the event would be part of the speaking fee. His plans to host a podcast titled: The Zen of Epilepsy Living (the title of his next E-book) are in the works, discussing such topics as medicinal marijuana, alternative natural herbal remedies,  acupuncture for seizure control, canine seizure control, what the true figures and success rates for neurosurgery actually are, the vagal nerve stimulator

disclaimer: Mister Miller does not have a medical degree, or psychiatric degree, and can not be held liable for injury, it is only personal experience that gives him knowledge of schizophrenia, depression, anxiety syndrome, and panic attacks; the Neuro-psych people deem these conditions active. His use of a psychotropic: Risperdal for 14 years following Serzone, an antidepressant give him knowledge of psychiatric medication. Just because you need a little chemical assistance to cope with mental health issues: as Mister Miller puts it, a chemical buffer from harsh reality is nothing to be ashamed of nor is epilepsy. Emotional baggage are part and parcel of the seizure condition and are part of the course of treatment.  I will not be financially liable, and would recommend you see a neurologist, epileptologist, or one of the psych people including therapists. I can speak about love because love requires trust and trust requires honesty. I honestly hope that in our discussions or in this blog I can honestly show you that if you love yourself, and trust in your Zen consciousness you won’t necessarily defeat your E but will help you cope with the seizure condition and life in general. Experience: 41 years worth is the degree I hold; I over those four decades and one year can enlighten you about epilepsy, mental deterioration and inevitable breakdown, and slogging out day after day coping with the seizure condition.

strangedetour@grantsburgtelcom.net, after having epilepsy for 41 years I am an epilepsy expert; I might not know it all, but damn it all, I’m an expert


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