Those Damned Wood-ticks

In the late spring of 2003 Buddy had a bout with Lyme disease. Doctor Pete prescribed the antibiotic, doxycycline. I was supposed to give him two pills every four hours, eight pills a day. I had to give him one pill at a time, prying his jaws open, and shoving the pill as far back in his mouth as I could. Before he could work the pill forward with his tongue, I clamped my hands around his muzzle until he swallowed. He got the second pill down with no problem…I thought. Then he reared back and threw up all over the shag carpeting. He threw up six times that morning. His stomach could not handle that dose of the antibiotic at all. After talking it over with Doctor Pete, I ended up giving him one pill early in the morning and another in mid-afternoon until the pill bottle was empty. After animals have been treated for and cured of Lyme’s, they will still test positive for it, for a number of years. Buddy now tests negative for it.


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