Sensitive-Detection Dog

Buddy is a sensitive-detection dog, sometimes referred to as a “seizure dog.” He is able to detect a change in smell due to an altered chemical balance that occurs in me about ten minutes before a seizure. Buddy knows what I smell like normally and is able to pick up on that change. When this happens, he attempts to let me know. This is called detection. Since Buddy was placed with me in March of 2003 he has had over three hundred detections. The Superman Seizures occur so quickly; Buddy really has no time to react to them. There’s no detection, ten minutes, seizure. It’s standing and fly through the air, crash land on the floor in the matter of a second or two.

Once, as we were headed across the room he stopped and began backing up into me. He forced me backward into a chair and planted himself on top of my feet. There was absolutely no chance that I could have been able to get up and move with him positioned as he was. Ten minutes later, I had a seizure.

Another time, I started to get up from the chair by the computer. Buddy stood in front of me blocking the way. First he stood on all four legs, and then he’d drop down to his forelegs, and back up again. He whined, talked, and bounced up and down. I took the hint and sat down. Shortly after I had a ten-minute seizure. There are hundreds more detections but I’m sorry to say I didn’t keep a journal of them, those were a good assortment of them though.


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