Buddy Miller, Hero

The WVMA (Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association) selected Buddy to be the Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame’s 2011 Hero Inductee. So now, Buddy is officially a hero with a gold medal/blue ribbon to prove it. That summer, just after being placed with me, he truly did save my life, so it is an honor he deserved.

Puppy Love

I’d be lost without him and I think he’d be lost without me. It’s amazing how Buddy took over part of my life so completely, that love, even in its most primitive state can pass between man and beast. The Budster-doggy saved my life that time; and thanks to the miracle of antibiotics, Grantsburg Animal Hospital and I have saved his life twice.

Is There a “Dog-tor” In the House?

Some people don’t believe that Buddy knows when my pill times are. At 8:00 am, 5:00 pm, and 10:00 pm Buddy will come over, sit by me, and won’t leave until after I’ve taken my meds. That’s something they couldn’t have trained him for.

Buddy also knows when I’m feeling ill or depressed. At those times he’ll come over and snuggle up close to me. Hugging a warm, living, breathing dog—a dog with nothing but love to give in return—can do wonders to raise your spirits.

On the Job

A Service Dog is a highly trained canine, which assists disabled people in need. As the owner of a service dog I can tell you firsthand about the changes the addition of Buddy to my life brought, he has lifted my self-esteem, boosted my ego, and broadened my horizons. Buddy enables me to overcome the obstacles life has laid in front of me. With his help I was able to locate what turned out to be only short-term work in a computer-related job and have been pursuing a personal goal of mine, creative writing.

End of the Leash

Buddy Miller 01-01-2000 to 01-27-2014 was put to sleep today (01-27-2014), his kidneys had shut down, white count was high, wasn’t producing red blood cells, and the Vet said everything was backing up inside. He was 14 years—98 dog years young and ready to go.

Buddy also had an occasional “grand mal” seizure and had his own prescription for phenobarbital, but I hated to use it on him. His body would experience a minor shudder. I don’t know if it was a sympathetic seizure but he was awful protective of me.


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