Canine Seizure Control (final)

End of the Leash

It 2012, Lori Peper-Rucks suggested that being that Buddy was such a good and faithful service dog for 9 years that I retire him. That is that he’d still live with me but would no longer be required to do the service dog duties.

Buddy Miller 01-01-2000 to 01-27-2014 was put to sleep today (01-27-2014), his kidneys had shut down, white count was high, wasn’t producing red blood cells, and the Vet said everything was backing up inside. He was 14 years—98 dog years young and ready to go.

Buddy also had an occasional “grand mal” seizure and had his own prescription for phenobarbital, but I hated to use it on him. His body would experience a minor shudder. I don’t know if it was a sympathetic seizure but he was awful protective of me.

Thinking about it uric acid (from urine) causes gout that includes pain in the joints; when his urine backed up in him I’m almost positive he was in pain as he had minor arthritis, it’s no wonder, the old-timer was 14-years-old.


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