medicinal marijuana

The Wonders Of The Wicked Weed, Medicinal Marijuana, Cannaboid Oil In The Wildly Racing Engine

As long as we’re talking about marijuana, they have something called ‘medicinal marijuana’ to treat seizures now—cannaboid oil. Call me square or uptight, maybe time has made my attitudes as intractable as my seizures. If the seizures are that bad and you are drug-resistant, then I can see it. I am not inflexible in the way I view things, I saw too many people whose brains rotted away from using Mary Jane, perhaps time has made my attitudes as intractable as my seizures are. Doc Penovich, my neurologist of 23 years gave her candid opinion. She said in some cases, emphasis on some it worked in children—about a 10% efficacy rate, or it worked for one in 10 people. She shared a little tidbit—smoking it won’t do it—so don’t start, if it did she’d have several patients seizure free. She didn’t breach confidentiality because she didn’t name names. Before the appointment you are given two sheets—one is for psychiatric stuff, the other, list your medical record since the last appointment; in the space—Do you use recreational drugs? They’d checked the yes box and listed Mary Jane after Names?


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