Month: December 2016

24 Years & going strong

That’s a little joke. Dr. Patricia E Penovich, MD has been my neurologist for 24 years now, she’s a compassionate doctor who really gives a damn about her patients. She’s a member of the staff of MEG, Minnesota Epilepsy Group, who started working there, Big John Gates (unfortunately he’s dead now, died of brain-stem cancer) introduced me to her in 1992 and I was part of a drug study she was heading up and I believe it was topiramate, now marketed under the name Topamax (known among the E people–epilepsy people–as Dope-a-max for its ability to give you a case of the drug stupids), I unfortunately was allergic to it, I lost 25 pounds in 2 months, not a good drug for me. As an addition, Topamax, is now being used for weight loss purposes, everything lost its taste to me, a pizza–and I really love pizza–tasted like a cardboard disc, covered with sawdust catsup, and grated plastic for the mozzarella cheese, plastic poker chips as pepperoni. Nothing tasted good to me. Now, I could probably use that 25 pound loss. It works for some people, so no rocking the boat degreelessdrdon Miller. I’d just like to explain the name I created for myself, I have no medical degree, nor will I impart medical or psychiatric advice and will not be held legally liable for any of my statements, no medical degree, no college degree because I dropped out after 1 year, 1 year of too much boozing and partying. This was the early 80s and not the 60s love generation with free sexuality.