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Neurologist appointment with Doc P tomorrow…

that is 1-31-17 at MEG (Minnesota Epilepsy Group) at 1 pm. Been getting bounced around in seizures pretty bad, mystery bruise back of right calf muscle, left elbow bitch pain. Almost the end of the month, not living hand to mouth and still have enough left over to save for a new HP all-in-one PC, damn near 1 grand but this one I’m only going on the Internet for my writing, no http://www.youtube.com, no exercise videos, biceps curls, forearms exercises, solely for writing research, if I want a Sherlock Holmes video w/ Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce or X-factor video I can do it on my work-horse PC (mini-tower for business HP DC7900). Also, book cover creation and book formatting. Sales of my novels in 2016 were exemplary and topped 2015 by far. My writing seems to be a real draw and in the double header Kindle giveaway 11-30 through 12-04 I sold 27 books.

Am going to only salads and veggies (quite the trick for a lifelong carnivore) well, turkey and ham lunch meat is okay to put in salads. No more trips down to the Country Cafe, local restaurant, except maybe once a month for a salad. I still have some TV dinners I have to dispose of in me. I weight maybe 240, but on 10-12-17 I will weigh 197.25 # I’m visualizing my future.


Do not install and uninstall a program called Wipe or maybe it’s Wiper…I had it on my computer and sure, it was getting rid of a lot of stuff, but when I uninstalled it it wiped out my settings, passwords. Thanks a fricking lot, I’ll tell you that, I was able to reset most but GMAIL: the usually most friendly free email I have I clicked on the link to reset and never got the response email with the temporary password and we are talking weeks, maybe even months.

If you are in the Grantsburg, WI area on 2-25-17, stop by the public library (east side of town, across the road from the Riverside Cemetery) because I am having an author signing for my second novel: Psychic Gift with a Price: Power of the Icy Flames, Vol. 2 in the Unholy Resurrections series by Don S. Miller. First book was Death is not the End and it says by Don Miller Miller through a major typo by me. If you want to check out my books, and I say books because I have 6 versions of the epilepsy memoir, slightly different content, different title and all my books are available in Kindle; Large-print; and regular-print. The first version of the memoir I did was Detour: A 40-year Epilepsy Memoir and that is also available as an epub ebook on Sony; Kobo; Barnes & Noble; Apple; and others.



Canine Seizure Control


A Little History

The majority of this was written before 1-27-2014. Buddy’s a beautiful, yellow Labrador retriever and is probably the gentlest creature on the face of the earth. He was bred and trained at Sunshine Service Dogs, Inc., in Luck, Wisconsin. Director Lori Peper-Rucks trains dogs for hearing, mobility, sensitive-detection, law enforcement, and search and rescue.

Buddy was born in January of 2000. In the first year of his life, he lived with a foster family who took the responsibility of feeding and caring for him. Beginning in his second year, he lived at Sunshine and began the intensive training needed to become a service dog.

Buddy is sponsored by the Grantsburg Animal Hospital. This means that he receives basic care free of charge, and food and medications at a special discounted rate. His vet is Doctor Pete Magnuson. Cost for dog food made me go with Purina Dog Chow, Buddy didn’t seem to mind.